आपत्ती धोके व्यवस्थापन विभाग
महसूल-वन विभाग/मदत व पुनर्वसन विभाग
जिल्हाधिकारी कार्यालय उस्मानाबाद
(Disaster Management Department, Collector Office Osmanabad)

District Disater Management Commitee Members

Members Name Commitee Of Post Office Contact No
Collector President 224501
Chief Executive Officer,District Council Member 226840
Upper Collector Member 227303
Resident Deputy Collector Member secretary 227301
Police Superintendent Member 227620
Chief Firefighter Officer Member 22100
District Health Officer Member 225298
District Agriculture Officer Member 222628
District Animal Husbandry Officer Member 227926
District Surgeon Doctor Member 226924
Executive Engineer,Public Works Department Member 222883
Executive Engineer,Irrigation Department Member 227757
Executive Engineer,Short Irrigation Department Member 227757
Executive Engineer,Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Member 223370/80
Executive Engineer,Maharashtra Life Authorization Member 251767
Education Officer(Primary)District Council Member 224184
Departmental Train Administrator Member 224184
Sub Regional Transport Officer Member 221555
Department Controller,State Regional Member 222216
District Information Officer Member 222744
Director, AIR Member 222981
Moderator,Home Guard Member 221389
Departmental Forest Officer Member 251389
District level and Government Institution Representative Member
Mutual Response and Cooperation Group Representative Member
Police Control Room S.P.Office 222900
Highway Police naldurg 9923100591
Highway Police Yermal 9823748585
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