आपत्ती धोके व्यवस्थापन विभाग
महसूल-वन विभाग/मदत व पुनर्वसन विभाग
जिल्हाधिकारी कार्यालय उस्मानाबाद
(Disaster Management Department, Collector Office Osmanabad)

Organizing Day of Disaster Settlement

A public awareness rally was organized on 25/09/2018 from Berhshinaka, Collector residence, Kala Maruti Chowk, Shivaji Chowk to Collector Office. Students and students of Samata Vidyalaya, Sharad Pawar High School participated in this rally. The district sports officer and sportsmen, police department, health department and firefighters were also involved in this rally. Rescue teams, Rescue vans, Vajra vehicles and QRT employees participate in Police Department. Mr. Rajendra Khandare, Resident Deputy Collector and Chief Executive Officer, District Disaster Management Authority, Collector Office, Osmanabad, arranged a green flag showing the rally.

Rescue work training in flood situation

During the training in Taluka Osmanabad, to guide the staff of Police, Home guards, Fire Brigade, who are present for the study course and in the palm near the handlove temple, Mr. Rajendra Khandare, resident deputy collector were present. He operated his own boat and trained on water.

Tahsildar during the training in the river at Banganga, Taluka Bhoom, Mr. Deshmukh visited the study place or practical place.

Demonstrations were provided on how to do rescue work through rope, single pull, double pull, harness seat belt, and decenter in river lake. The Police Inspector of the Police Department conducted the demonstration places.

Organizing Plantation Program

On 13/10/2015, the Collector Office is located in Osmanabad area. Radhakrishna Gome, District Collector and President, District Disaster Management Authority, Ma, Shri. Plantation program was organized at the hands of Rajendra Khandare, resident Deputy District Collector and Chief Executive Officer, District Disaster Management Authority. On this occasion Tehsildar, District Planning Officer, Revenue organization office bearers were present.

Mock drill - Taluka Tuljapur

The security forces work very well at Mr. Tuljabhavani. It has information about the entire side of the temple. If there is a phenomenon in the temple, then the accidental injury should be taken out. After giving instructions that the person was unconscious in the house of the house, to take time to manage them and test the time required for all this and manpower, then immediately after the safety of the security personnel and the time required for them. In 108 ambulance, the time required for taking the patient from the hospital to the hospital was done.

Guidance was given to the security guard, clean worker in Shri Tuljabhavani temple, about the possible accident in the temple, the fire brigade and the stampede. It also provided information about rescue work through available material. Also BDS The team informed about security and research work.

Training was done through study classes and practical demonstrations regarding fire and control over security guard, cleaning workers in Shri Tuljabhavani temple. It is now safe to inform the accident that such a practice has been done to give information on specific types of shitas. It is also where firefighting is located in the fire. Training was done to get them from there and use them. Shri Rahul Patil Tehsildar and Manager, Shri Tuljabhavani Mandir visited during the training and contacted the security and attendees.

Shree Tulajabhavani temple found a place like bomb in place of Mahavdar. For conducting Navratra Mohotsav 2018 Pre-Preparation Department and also to check the internal coordination and literature of the department and also to make the accident happen in difficult circumstances, the monkey-drill was organized to check the time required to reach the spot and to face problems. Police Department, Dog Squad, BDS, Health Department, ST The departments of the corporation, fire brigade etc., immediately attended the spot and took serious note of the seriousness of the incident and took immediate action.

Women's participation in disaster management

One day workshops were conducted on women's participation in disaster management. Anganwadi supervisor and women's medical officer were involved in this training. How to help first aid from the available material in this training, as well as to help the women present in the research and rescue operation, from accidental traffic, fire safety and domestic accidents.

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